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Plant & Equipment

We own a comprehensive range of plant and equipment that we maintain and supply for all of our work sites. We modify, update and design purpose-built equipment as necessary to meet the specific needs of projects.

We have a stand-alone Plant and Equipment division to maintain and supply all equipment and consumables for our operational activities. The provision and consistently high quality of our plant and equipment is now enshrined in service agreements with clients and controlled through our in-house IT systems.

Our Plant and Equipment division performs a number of important roles including improving tracking and job productivity, and supporting on-site staff with rapid support and response. It also has responsibility for maintaining regulatory checks and services on all equipment ensuring it meets all safety requirements and is fit for purpose.

Under the guidance of highly experienced supervisors who understand site needs and the typical usage of our equipment our staff travel to work sites to test and service equipment in situ, ensuring no work time is lost. This service can also be supplied to our clients.