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We are a capable and reliable business partner to a diverse range of industries across Australia.

We maintain, overhaul, refurbish, replace, modify and rehabilitate any equipment in industrial plant and power stations.
We engineer complete industrial boiler island plants including supporting structures and all associated balance of plant equipment.
Corporate Overview
Breaker Electrical, a fully owned subsidiary of MHPS Plant Services, specialises in electrical services serving a wide range of industries.
We specialise in turbine generator maintenance for Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems and other original equipment manufacturer (OEM) units.
With our years of experience we can repair or recondition most makes and sizes of industrial valves.
Project Management
Collaboration, cooperation and communication are hallmarks of our project management.
We carefully pre-qualify, assess and track our labour resources.
We modify, update and design purpose-built equipment as necessary to meet the specific needs of projects.
We are continuing to diversify and expand into more process and industrial sectors including utilities.