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Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. (MHPS) is a new company formed in 1st February 2014 integrating the thermal power generation systems businesses of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) and Hitachi, Ltd.

For many years both MHI and Hitachi have responded to the needs of customers engaged in power supply through provision of their world-class thermal power generation and environmental technologies. Today, however, with the recent growth of emerging economies worldwide, power demand has become more robust than ever, and as this energy market expands globally, competition is intensifying among the world’s leading companies. Meanwhile, awareness toward the earth’s environment has also heightened dramatically, and as a result demands of unprecedented strength are being heard today calling for resolution of the energy and environment issues simultaneously.

In view of these global trends, MHI and Hitachi – two companies that share a corporate commitment to contribute to society through outstanding products and technologies – have integrated their thermal power generation systems businesses in a quest to further enhance their social response capabilities in all respects. These include the technological strength to create new products of outstanding quality and reliability, the comprehensive strength in engineering to oversee projects in regions across the globe, and finely honed sales and after-sale servicing capabilities. Going forward, MHPS will respond with swiftness and assurance to the hopes and expectations of both its customers and the world at large for solutions to the dual issues of energy supply stability and environmental compatibility.

Through this business integration we aim to build an efficient and stable operating base and to accelerate MHPS’ global expansion through the pursuit of synergy benefits. At the same time, through our comprehensive capabilities and maximization of our synergistic and mutually complementary benefits with respect to products and technologies , we aim to come out a winner in the global competition and achieve a solid position as a world leader in thermal power generation systems and environmental technologies.

Chairman of the Board
Koji Tanaka

President and CEO
Takato Nishizawa